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Tarik Dalton


Tarik Dalton of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, has been working in corporate finance for over 20 years now. In that time, he has worked with prominent firms such as Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse in various management and director roles. 

He has extensive experience in leadership, financial analysis, investor relations, private credit investing, and more. Throughout his various professional roles, Tarik has repeatedly demonstrated his skills in investment management and managing the business side of financial services.

Before jumping into his professional career, Tarik Dalton was a student at the prestigious Columbia University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Philosophy while playing on the varsity football and baseball teams. He has always enjoyed sports and was grateful for the opportunity to pursue that interest alongside his academic studies. After spending a brief time as a consultant for a financial services company, he decided he wanted to pursue a career in corporate finance management and returned to academics to expand his qualifications. He attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completed a Master of Business Administration and completed two fellowship programs.

With his academic career complete, Tarik Dalton joined Credit Suisse Securities in New York City. Over the course of seven years, he worked his way up from associate to vice president and then director. His role was focused on credit analysis for corporate distressed credit trading. In his time there, he worked with multiple prominent corporate entities, trained new analysts, and generated positive revenue four years in a row.

Tarik Dalton’s next role brought him back to North Carolina, where he worked for the North Carolina Department of the Treasurer in the Investment Management Division. As the director of Multi-Strategy, Tarik was responsible for a strategic asset allocation portfolio totaling approximately two billion dollars. Over his years in the role, Tarik served on several committees, managed high-impact projects, and helped establish new frameworks for managing the department’s funds.

Since 2018, Tarik Dalton has enjoyed exploring several different roles within the corporate finance industry. He founded his own firm, Prince Cameron Woods LLC, where he provides advisory services to general partner investment managers. While he continues to run the firm on the side, he also spent two years as the Head of Business Development for Silverback Asset Management, two years as the Head of Leveraged Finance Research for Goldman Sachs, and just this year joined the team at Kennedy Lewis Investment Management LLC. He is excited to put his skills to work in this new role.

When Tarik Dalton isn’t busy managing investments and performing complex credit analysis in his professional role, he keeps busy with sports and community affairs. He serves on an alumni board for the University of North Carolina as well as several local nonprofit organizations. He continues to pursue his love for sports, especially golf, tennis, and skiing. Tarik also loves to read and provide mentorship to other professionals and young people.

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